Financial advisers choose Sanlam’s investment solutions because we offer market expertise, attention to detail and a high-quality service. This approach appeals to a wide range of clients from individuals to large families with assets held in a variety of structures, including pensions and trusts as well as settlements of all kinds.

We have a strong investment culture with a clearly defined philosophy and process. These principles guide our award-winning teams as they research the global economy and financial markets, select investments, construct portfolios and monitor the risks.

You can access Sanlam’s investment expertise in various ways. All strategies follow a diversified and global investment approach that is focused on growing and protecting wealth over the long term. The most appropriate route for your clients will depend on their individual circumstances and objectives. You can also choose from a wide range of accounts and wrappers, including individual savings accounts (ISAs), self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) and general investment accounts (GIAs).

Sanlam funds

We offer a range of fund solutions to meet your clients’ capital growth and income requirements.

Multi-asset range

The multi-asset range is a cost effective way to access our multi-asset investment expertise. The funds use the same investment philosophy and process behind our discretionary portfolios but with lower management fees.
The range consists of four funds with different long-term return and risk objectives so may appeal to a variety of clients based on their individual attitude to risk.
Managed by our multi-asset team, the funds are directly invested to avoid third-party fees, making it easy for your clients to invest in a diversified portfolio of global assets.

Global High Quality Fund (GHQ)

The Sanlam GHQ Fund aims to produce compound total returns in excess of the MSCI World Index over the medium to long term. We aim to do this primarily through taking high-conviction positions in well-managed, high-quality businesses that are attractively valued.

Our investment approach employs quantitative and qualitative analysis that aims to invest in companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Can distribute excess cash flow to shareholders while maintaining high returns on capital and should successfully compound returns over the long term.

  • Have strong or dominant market positions and sustainable competitive advantages that are difficult to replicate.

  • A concentrated and actively managed portfolio of quality equities that should achieve attractive long-term shareholder returns with less absolute volatility.

  • Investments are based on the most attractive risk/reward trade-off.

  • Low levels of balance sheet leverage.

Sanlam has a strong investment culture with a clearly defined philosophy and process. When building your clients’ portfolios, we draw on the firm’s extensive resources and expertise, with experienced teams working across asset allocation, investment selection and risk management. Our award-winning teams have access to a wealth of global research which we use to help construct our discretionary and model funds.

Discretionary fund management

Designed to support you and your clients manage their investments with a tailored service, our discretionary service comes with a dedicated investment professional who will create and then manage bespoke client portfolios in line with their specific requirements.

Although our portfolio managers have the flexibility to make investment decisions that are in the best interests of your clients, systems and checks are in place to make sure they do not deviate too far from the consensus view of the investment team. You can speak to our portfolio managers as much or as little as you like, and we encourage regular contact so that we can review performance and respond to any changes.

Model portfolios

Sanlam’s managed funds are a straightforward option for those looking to invest through a multi-manager approach. They offer diversified exposure to global markets in various ways, including by asset class, region and investment style. This diversification can help reduce the impact any sudden movements in the market have on performance.

Backed by an experienced team with a proven track record of third-party manager search and selection, the funds are supported by the full investment expertise of the Sanlam group. Additional oversight from our UK asset allocation committee helps to guide all decisions as the managers adapt to continuously changing investment conditions.

Whether you are looking for active, passive, index-linked or socially responsible models, Sanlam can provide risk-targeted solutions to suit your clients’ needs.

Reporting and client service

We believe in the quality and clarity of reporting to our clients and their advisers. Our investment managers meet with investors at least once a year and often in conjunction with their other advisers to report on the performance of the investment strategy we have undertaken. In addition to these face-to-face meetings, we have a suite of communications to make sure our clients understand how we are managing their money.

Our communications include quarterly valuations showing a comprehensive breakdown of the transactions processed in the previous three months as well as a summary of our latest market views and asset allocations. Through our online portal, investors can log in and access a portfolio summary that is updated each day. We also offer annual tax reports for those who hold an investment that is liable to tax, a consolidated tax report helps investors and their advisers manage their tax affairs.

Discretionary fund management
We create diversified investment portfolios that are tailored to each of your clients and manage them in line with your instructions.
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Model portfolios
Sanlam’s range of risk-rated model portfolios comes in three approaches – actively managed, index and socially responsible models.
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Fund range
Choose from a range of award-winning funds backed by the extensive experience and resources of our investment teams.
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