Sanlam UK’s Income Study

Our round-up of the top performing UK equity income funds in 2019

  • The Sanlam Income Study, which has been running for more than 30 years, reveals the best all-rounders within the UK equity income sector

Sanlam UK has released its half-yearly Income Study, the definitive investor guide to UK equity income funds.
The study, which has been running for more than 30 years, is a quantitative assessment that reviews and monitors the performance of all UK equity income funds over a six-month period. The Income Study categorises these funds into White List, Grey List, and Black List.
The White List is the select group of funds that have established their ability over five years to produce superior total returns.
The Grey List can be a temporary home for a manager with an out-of-favour style or an early warning signal for a fund in decline.
The Black List is for consistent underperformers and may indicate the need for remedial action.
In order to determine the best and worst performing funds, Sanlam UK analyses the performance against the following metrics:

  • Absolute income generated over the past five calendar years

  • Capital growth for each of the past five 12-month periods

  • Volatility over the past five years

How to Invest

Investors can use the Income Study to inform their own choices and decisions about individual funds. Sanlam UK also offers two ways to invest in them, through its execution-only service or through a portfolio of funds selected from its White List Portfolio ISA. 

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